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Website terms and conditions


The terms and conditions below outline the NIX Design terms & conditions in relation to the design and development of your website. It is important that you read, and understand these terms and conditions.  By making payment to me, you accept you have understood these terms and conditions in full, and agree to them.


Payment Terms

Payment terms are 50% before work begins, and 50% upon completion of the project, but prior to the website being made live.  Depending on the size of project, I may on some occasions agree alternative payment terms.  This arrangement will be specified on your initial invoice issued by us. Payment is by Bank Transfer (BACS).


Completed Work

In accepting a website to be made live, you are agreeing that the work is 100% completed to your satisfaction.  After the website is made live, any additional work will be done on a paid hourly basis (£50 per hour).


Timescales & Drafts

During the design of your website, I will provide you with drafts and seek your feedback for approval. Whilst we do our utmost to provide drafts in a timely fashion, we also require that you provide feedback within a fair timescale.  I request that feedback is provided to us within 2 business days where possible.  If feedback is not provided for a draft within 10 days, I reserve the right to mark the draft as approved and continue with the rest of the site. Upon completion of the project, the website is deemed to be completed and approved, unless you the client informs me otherwise via email within 10 days of receiving a link to the development site. It is understood that any requested features included in the design must be within the scope of the initial quote.


Content – Functionality, Text & Images

During the design of your website, I may require text or images from you, or to clarify functionality.  I will always try to obtain this information from you before the site is completed. I request that the required information is provided to me within 2 business days.  If the information is not provided within 10 days, I will proceed based on our own understand of the project, and any deviations will be chargeable. I can provide training at the end of the project ensuring that any dummy content can be replaced by the client.



Should you decide to cancel the project at any point before completion, you shall remain liable for 75% of the quoted price.  In certain circumstances NIX Design may consider alternative arrangements if the website is less than 50% completed.



Compliance & Copyright

I design all sites to the client’s specification.  It is your responsibility to ensure that your website conforms to any legal regulations, either by law or specific to governing bodies in your industry.  You should have permission to publish any documents or images provided to us during the design of your site, and should be aware that failure to comply with copyright laws can lead to prosecutions and fines.We will ensure that any images we source during the design of your site are licensed to use on your website.



Projects are deemed completed when all designs have been approved, the website has been coded, and all content (functionality, text and images) have been put in place.  Where items have not been approved by the client in a fair time (see timescale & drafts), or content has not been provided in a fair time (see content – text & images), we will still consider the projected completed, and require the final balance payment.


Limitations Of Liability

Neither party shall be liable to the other, in relation to loss of business, either directly or indirectly, arising as a result of works.  Any special considerations to be given in this regard should be clearly outlined at the start of the project, and clear targets agreed upon at the start of the project.

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